Why Silicon Valley has been the epicenter for IT companies till date?

28Ask a 10 year old kid who loves computer and technology, whether he has heard of Silicon Valley or not and one shall always get a positive response. This is the unmatched popularity of the place. Well, the name has been given such that it portrays information a well along with a unique name. More or less most of the Informational Technology companies crave to open start their business in this region.

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Silicon Valley is a densely populated area with IT companies and computer chip manufacturers. It has got its name from the presence of silicon in semiconductors which are used in chips and machines. The term Silicon Valley has been contributed by Ralph Vaerst back in 1971.

There are plenty reasons for the density of IT companies in the particular location.


  • It is said that success yields success. Businessmen are known to believe in the success and potential of the Silicon Valley.
  • The success of the firms in Silicon Valley is so much talked about. Thus for potential customers, the reputation of even a new computer company which is located in this valley, is very excellent.

Recruiting new talents:

  • While some business owners shall whine about the problem of retaining young talents, others would definitely say that it’s easier to find employees.
  • Well, to be honest, everyone in this particular industry would jump on the opportunity of working in the Silicon Valley than working at remote places. Thus recruitment is not a challenge.

A tighter network:

  • It is known that utility of a network depends on the number of nodes in the network.
  • This region definitely has many more nodes than any other place.
  • Owing to a high density of IT firms who are running or kick starting business, they are inclined to help each other.

Magnetic effects:

Regions gain popularity due to its weather, location, strategic advantages and many other reasons. Ambitious, rich and talented people keep in mind all these factors which in turn attract them to this region almost like the movement of iron towards magnet. Infrastructure of this place is extraordinary due to the contribution of experienced workforce and abundant resources.

A union of research and industry

Well, this reason might not be a well known one, but the valley offers potential careers for computer navvy students who want to spent time in their novel ideas of research. The companies has now has a research wing, where young students are taken as interns or other experienced researches are allowed to carry out research work. They contribute new ideas to increase company’s sales, introduce or improve designs and layouts, quality of material and so on.

Being a member of the popular IT crowd

While everyone wants to stand out amidst a crowd, some believe that being a member of a business and technology oriented crowd also helps to boost the overall performance. Contrasting the belief that location does no longer matter if the business has the potential to run, sometimes, it does prove to be a blessing due to the long list of benefits it provides to the users.

IT Companies In China


China is one of the leading nations in the world that have advanced in the field of technology. This is due to many factors that are friendly and encourage technical knowhow. There are a number of companies in China that specialize in the area of Information Technology. They range from software companies, computer hardware companies and the manufacturers of mobile devices with their accompanying software. The presence of these companies together with the availability of skilled labor has made China. The field of Information Technology covers a wide spectrum and because of the diverse nature of China, most of the companies have taken care of each sector.

Software development companies.

In China, there are a number of companies whose main role is to develop , produce and sell full functioning software products. China has a large pool of computer programmers who have special skills in coding and coming out with a computer software. The software companies capitalize on such people for their running. The companies produce enterprise software which can be used for various individual needs. Software to be used for bigger organizations are also produced by these companies together with their supporting components. In China, there are software development companies that produce software used for enhancing security of your computer such as antivirus and antispyware.

Web based companies

The field of Information Technology cannot be complete without mentioning World Wide Web. In China a good number of companies have taken advantage of the internet to establish themselves as successful brands.

Search engine companies have been established on the web. They enable anyone browsing in the internet to search anything through their interface.

Ecommerce is another platform that many companies in China are thriving on. These companies are enabling people to conduct business transactions over the internet in much easier way.

Cloud services; there are companies that provide storage service for their clients over the internet.

Human resource companies. These companies provide human resource services over the web. They provide platforms for job seekers to search and apply for the available jobs and also conduct recruitment for the individuals seeking human labor.

Online video companies also exist in China. They enable their subscribers to watch videos online at some fee.

Computer hardware companies

China has a number of companies that manufacture hardware components of the computer and related devices. There are companies that manufacture the whole computer system while there are others that specialize in manufacturing individual components such as monitor. There are also companies in China that manufacture and distribute smartphones and other wireless device all over the world.

Networking companies

There are companies that deal with networking features of the computer. They manufacture and distribute devices that facilitate networking such as such as modem, digital satellite, GPS device and other networking devices. These companies also provide installation and support services.

Consultation and outsourcing services

In China, there are companies that provide IT consultation services. They interact with their clients and give appropriate advice and solutions related to IT. There are companies that provide the outsourcing services.

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